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Jeff Beebe

Many companies profit from or financially support activities that violate the values and convictions of Christian investors. Many Christian investors are unknowingly invested in these companies. I help people make investment choices to meet their long term financial objectives while aligning their investments with their faith convictions.

As a Certified Kingdom Advisor® my approach to financial planning advice is rooted in the belief that Biblical principles transcend time, economics, tax laws, political structures, and language. Through these principles I am convinced we can identify how to write a meaningful story with our lives and use our finances to support a meaningful life, not become our life. This is the essence of the tagline, “Making Money Meaningful”.

As a financial advisor I specialize in helping clients align their investment choices and strategies with their faith values and convictions through Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). Through BRI we utilize investments that best reflect Kingdom activities. Under the umbrella of BRI, I strive for the best returns based on your individual risk tolerance, needs, and objectives.

If these core values are meaningful to you and are what you are looking for from a financial planner and financial advisor, please click on the 'Schedule a Meeting' button above or call 231.642.8001 to schedule a complimentary consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

My Bio

Entered the Financial Planning industry: 2003

Became a Tax Preparer: 2003

Financial Counselor Training through Dave Ramsey’s organization: 2008

Certified Financial Planner™: 2012

Certified Kingdom Advisor®: 2016

G.A. Repple Planned Giving Consultant: 2018

Board of Elders at West Side Community Church in Traverse City, MI: 2007-2009

Volunteer “Manage Your Money” class instructor and Financial Mentor with Love Thy Neighbor Grand Traverse: 2015-present

Frequent guest on “Breaking Free”, a weekly Christian financial talk radio program on WLJN Traverse City: 2009-2015

Meet My Family

I married my wife Nicole in 2003. We are both native Northern Michiganders. We have two daughters and three sons and live just outside of Traverse City, Michigan. We have been members of West Side Community Church in Traverse City since 2004.