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Social Security Planning

What is the best age to start your Social Security?

How does Christian faith fit into money management?

The choice of when to start Social Security retirement benefits is often the most critical retirement decision you will make!

Social Security is your foundational source of guaranteed income for life. The right Social Security claiming strategy could increase your retirement value by up to $100,000 or more throughout your lifetime.

How big of a difference will Social Security planning make for you? To get an idea of how much you stand to gain or lose, we provide you with a complimentary “What’s at Stake” analysis.

This analysis uses the same math the Social Security Administration uses to determine your retirement benefits. Using the numbers from your Social Security benefits statement and your anticipated life expectancy, we create a report that shows multiple claiming strategies side-by- side. This comparison helps you see which strategy gives you the highest probability of maximizing your benefits over your lifetime.

Our Service

Knowing your optimal claiming strategy gives you the confidence you need to make the best decision for your specific situation.


Using technology, we analyze hundreds of possible election strategies and identify the one that offers you the highest lifetime value.


We examine your optimal Social Security election strategy in light of your other assets, income streams and goals. We’ll help you match your Social Security decision to your overall plan.


Provide a report comparing the best, earliest, and alternative strategies for your consideration.

How does Christian faith fit into money management?

Social security was never meant to be your only source of income in retirement. It is designed to be combined with savings and employer-sponsored retirement benefits to provide economic security in retirement.

We’ll help you determine your retirement income needs and provide an additional analysis showing the remaining income needed from your investment portfolio, and we’ll help you create a plan for how to use your portfolio to meet that need.

Let us help you determine the best claiming strategy for you and your family!