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Risk Assessment

What is your risk number?

Risk analysis is critical to constructing your investment portfolio. Too much risk for your personal comfort zone and you are more likely to make an emotional decision in the short-term that may hurt you over the long-term. Too little risk and your investments may not reward you enough to meet your goals. The art of portfolio construction is to have a level of risk that provides you with enough reward over the long term and doesn’t scare you into making harmful decisions in the short term.

To help determine the appropriate level of risk for your investment portfolio we use a tool built upon a Nobel Prize-winning framework that calculates your ‘Risk Number’. Your Risk Number is like a speed limit. Some are comfortable driving 95 MPH and others not a hair over 45 MPH. It is our job to help determine your comfort zone in the context of your goals and risk tolerance.

What would hold you back from adjusting your portfolio to align with your values?

How fast are you comfortable driving down the road to retirement? Do you want to go full-speed ahead? Do you want to slow down as you approach retirement? Are you OK being passed by others along the way as long as you get there safely?

Does your personalized Risk Number align with the risk number of your current investments?