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Ministry funding needs are constant.  Raising funds to keep your ministry or charitable organization active and moving forward is a never-ending process.  

While regular donations from donors’ income may always be the backbone of ministry fundraising success, what if your donors could use their assets to financially support your organization as well?  

Similar to Aesop’s fable about the goose that laid the golden eggs, what if you could show your donors how to invest in a ‘goose’ that produces regular and consistent 'golden eggs' for your organization?

Is your ministry or charitable organization prepared to respond well if a potential donor says:

  • They are considering including your ministry in their will or trust?
  • They are considering naming your organization as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy?
  • They want to use their investments and retirement accounts to support your ministry?
  • They have real estate they would like to use to bless your ministry?
  • They are selling a business and want to use the proceeds to support your ministry?

What if you could show your donors how to make the largest gift with the greatest joy?

Would you like to know how to empower your donors for giving success?

Legacy Giving strategies provide your donor’s with the opportunity for tax-wise support of God’s Kingdom:


- Avoiding capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets 

- Enjoy tax deductions now for future giving 

- Receive tax deduction for your house while living in it.


- Receiving a pension-like income from a charitable gift

- Increase a donor's income while reducing their taxes


- Gifting assets instead of cash allows your donor's to reduce or eliminate capital gains tax AND get a tax deduction instead!

- Make a gift from a retirement account without being taxed 


Multiply your donors giving with dollars that would have otherwise gone to the IRS.

The three big questions you need answers to...

  1. Did you know that people can give to your non-profit without writing a check? 
  2. Did you know that you can help your donors increase their income, reduce their taxes, and fund your organization all at the same time? 
  3. Is it possible that you are wearing your donors out?

What if we could educate you and your donors on Legacy Giving strategies that provide your donors with benefits that writing a check simply cannot do, and that allow your donors to make the largest gift with the greatest joy?

According to, as of July 2021 the average annual salary nationwide for a planned giving officer is $64,611.  For many ministries and charitable organizations, it’s difficult to justify having a planned giving officer on staff.

Christian Family Financial wants to be your Planned Giving department!   We want to provide you and your donors with educational opportunities to learn how to maximize the benefits of giving to your organization.  We want to be a resource for you to help your organization ‘love your neighbor (your donors) as yourself’ by making them aware of giving strategies available that may be more beneficial to them than simply writing a check.

Words of Wisdom

“Giving is not God’s way of raising money; it is God’s way of raising people into the likeness of His Son.”

~ Howard L Dayton Jr.,